Siamo felici di aver dato il nostro piccolo contributo al videoclip “Fever Rays” dei Monte Mai, scritto e diretto da Radiana Basso.

Fever Rays is the fourth single taken from the upcoming album of Swiss Grenadian psychedelic pop trio Monte Mai, released January 21th 2022 by Il Domani and On The Camper Records.

In the video cowboys, madonnas and drag queens shoot each other glances, poses, and invisible bullets. A psychedelic array of characters, coming from different worlds and eras, exchange and reinterpret each other’s, almost giving life to an aesthetic/visual canon. The apotheosis of synchronicity in the after-party.

Starring Alaska Moeremans d’Emaus, Riccardo Ambiveri, Elena Ventura, Alice Ventura, Sara Zanetti, Gloria Rigozzi, Martina Conti, Fabio Besomi, Fabio Pinto and Anaïs Schmidt.

Written, directed by Radiana Basso
Shot and edited by Radiana Basso assisted by Amos G Pellegrinelli and Vanni Moretti.

Co-produced by Aris Bassetti (Peter Kernel, Camilla Sparksss, Kety Fusco)
Recorded by Monte Mai at Il Domani CH
Mixed by Johannes Bluff at Shorebreaker studio FR
Mastered by Benoit Bel at Mikrokosm FR

Very special thanks to Noah at Spazio Morel, REC produzioni audiovisive, Stefano Mosimann, Emanuele Di Marco.

© 2022 Monte Mai