Training and integration between the audiovisual arts and community work are aspects which characterize and differentiate REC from other audiovisual associations in our region.

The workshop is divided into 12 half day sessions or 6 full days and are centered on cinematic language, audiovisual experience and on the experience of active vision.
As a group you will have the opportunity to gain the experience of creating a short film. You will acquire the technical and practical knowledge which permits you to have a responsible and conscientious approach to the world of images.
Perceived for small groups (6-10 participants) children or adolescents (elementary or middle school). The courses can also be adapted to any age group, demands or desires of the various participants. (adults, associations, etc.)

Schermata 05-2456420 alle 11.09.20 PM

The workshops are promoted and carried out by members of REC, an association which is a-political, non religious and non-profit. Our goal is to promote audio visual culture:

  • the creation, the production, the realization and the postproduction of audiovisual and cultural products.
  • the organization and realization of training courses and operations in a community based context.

The courses are held by members or co-workers of REC, who are trained in working in the audiovisual field and have a highly developed sense for working with young people and in community work.

Existing institutions such as schools, day camps, scouts, family support groups etc. assist in the organization of the subscriptions, the paying of the fees, the logistics (where the courses are held, meals etc.) and are the contacts between the families and REC.