– +41 (0) 91 972 50 50
Street address: Via Ronchetto 7

CH-6900 Lugano
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We often need technicians, actors and extras to develop our projects.
We would be pleased to receive your applications.
We ask interested technicians to send us via e-mail their curriculum vitae, portfolio and a brief letter of introduction.

For actors and extras we ask you to fill out a registration form.
> Application form for actors and extras

Bank coordinates:
Account addressed to: Associazione REC
IBAN/N.Conto: CH07 8037 5000 1085 4532 5
at the Banca Raiffeisen, Lugano
All payments done through e-banking or directly at the bank window are exempt of postal charges

No. RC: CH-501.6.014.931-8
No. IVA (sales tax): CHE-161-071.001 IVA
No. Cassa LAVS: 2817840


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